Thursday, February 6, 2014

936 Weekends - that's it?

I'm not sure how I ended up there, but the other night I found myself going through E's baby photos. I know, I know he's not even a year old. Aren't the photos I take today still considered baby photos? No. Not really. Not anymore.

Somewhere in the past nine months he's developed a personality, started moving on his own and learned how to interact with us and others. He's my little guy, but he's not a baby anymore. So there I was looking through photos and getting weepy. I never realized how helpless he was when he was younger. I looked at the pictures of him laying on his blankets, unable to lift his head and it seemed like a lifetime ago. Did I even appreciate how dependent he was on me? On us? Or was I too tired to notice what a big part of his life I was? Did I take time to consider how special it was to be a parent? How lucky and blessed I was to have that experience? Or was I too busy trying to keep my head above water?

And I know what you're thinking. I'm being dramatic. It's not like he's independent enough to move out tomorrow. Which leads me, as it usually does, to thinking about how little time we actually get with our children before they move on and start their own lives. I think I've written about this a few times since I became pregnant, but I'm writing about it again because I don't want to forget to appreciate the moments that I have with E. 

I read an article a while back about how there's a finite number of weekends you get with your children before they turn 18. I'm sure there's special math or something to get an exact number, but I went with the 52 X 18 route and got 936 weekends. By the time E is 5 years old, more than 25% of those weekends will be gone. As it stands now, I think we've gone through nearly 40. Where did the time go? It's true what they say - the days are long, but the years are short.

I wish I could say that I'm going to make every weekend special from now on with trips to the zoo or the museum, but I'd be lying. We'll no doubt get bogged down in the day-to-day humdrum of living and I'm sure we'll spend a fair number of weekends recovering from the week. Until he's a bit older when lounging on the couch all day will be replaced with sitting in the bleachers to watch t-ball or the theater to see his play (hey, we don't stereotype in this house). Rather, I think the point is to enjoy and treasure the time you have with your children whether it's at DisneyWorld or watching a movie on the couch.

As for me, I'm going to make it a point to not only look back and reflect, but to live more in the moment. The dishes can wait, the laundry will be there later (seriously, do clothes mate? because the laundry basket never stops producing dirty clothes) and who cares if there are blocks scattered throughout the house. I want to make sure I'm filing all of those smiles and goofy faces in my memory instead of just looking at them on film. So cleaning be damned, E will make a mess with his dinner today. OK, maybe not today because I really don't feel like scrubbing everything, but soon. I promise.

Am I the only one that thinks about this? Probably. 



  1. Well you were the only one thinking about this until now! Oh this post makes me sad. I feel like right now, caught up in the busyness of two, I'm definitely not treasuring those moments enough. We all need those reminders to slow down.

  2. Lol, sorry, Rachel. Misery loves company, right? I hope y'all are doing well. We're so happy for you and your growing family!