Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We actually celebrated last night (and by celebrated, I mean ate a lot of chocolate) because Nate picked flowers up on his way home from work (so naturally, he wanted his chocolate at the same time). He told me the line was insane at the florist, but he took the time to make his own bouquet instead of buying a ready-made one (plus, those were like $80 - crazy!). He did an excellent job.

Since I was in Austin yesterday, I picked up a box of truffles for Nate from Lammes Candy. It's been around since 1885 so they must be doing something right. When we traveled in Europe, we'd always make it a point to find a local chocolate shop and handpick truffles to eat later in the hotel. So I made sure to handpick all of Nate's truffles. Of course, when he asked which was which all I could remember was raspberry, toasted coconut and caramel. Womp womp.

This morning I tried to make a special pancake breakfast since Nate is off of work today. I used my heart cookie cutters and poured the pancake batter into them on the griddle. Unfortunately, it turned into a pinterest fail. The red coloring rubbed off on some of the pancakes and the others were so thick they turned into blobs when I flipped them. I should've taken a picture. They were sad-looking hearts. The bacon was much better. Then again, how can you screw up bacon?

Not surprisingly, Ethan's social calendar trumped ours today and I took him to a Valentine's Day party. The moms really outdid themselves with their valentine treats. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. I didn't think I'd have to bring my A-game until he hit elementary school, ha. And even though I'm not the craftiest person around, I think E's treats turned out well.

I decided to make strawberries and cream puppy chow (I guess this was more for the moms than the babies). You can find the recipe here. I made a few modifications to make sure the recipe would stretch far enough for all of his treat bags. I could've doubled the recipe, but I didn't think that far ahead (shocking, I know). My puppy chow had extra plain Rice Chex cereal and more M&M's, which were raspberry instead of plain milk chocolate. I found them on clearance at Target and I had coupons so you know, the decision was practically made for me.

I also found some cute treat bags (20 in a package) and baker's string at Target in the dollar section. With a cartwheel coupon, they were probably 80 cents each.

I ordered his valentine cards from when they were running their 99-cent special.

Putting everything together was easy. I put about a cup of puppy chow in the treat bag, tied it with baker's string and attached his card using the string as well (one to tie the bag, another tie to attach the card, then the bow).

Pretty cute if I say so myself! I also made strawberry pecan "fudge" but it was really sweet. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

The party was great and now Ethan is upstairs taking a nap. Nate is off work today, but went in to finish up a report. When he gets home we'll have to figure out something for dinner.  We won't go out because the crowds are going to be crazy, but I definitely don't want to cook either. Maybe a burrito from Chipotle? Cajun food from Razzoo's? Not sure how well that will go with the champagne chilling in the fridge, but I might be willing to find out.

Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!


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