Monday, February 17, 2014

Homemade Thin Mint cookies in less than 5 minutes

I wasn't feeling it today. I wanted to write about the Olympics, but couldn't find the right words. You'd think with a topic like Johnny Weir and Tara L. that there'd be plenty to say. Did you know that Johnny is married to a man of Russian descent? And that Tara is actually older than him? Like I said, you think it'd be easy. But it wasn't.

So there I was looking at my coupon blog to see what deals I might be missing out on and I ran across a recipe for homemade Thin Mints. What's more, I had all of the ingredients in my pantry (sort of). Clearly, I had to make these cookies. 

The original recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate because I already had an open bag in the fridge), Ritz crackers (I used the whole wheat ones), mint extract (I had peppermint extract) and coconut oil (nailed it). I added sprinkles. Who doesn't like sprinkles? Spoiler alert: my husband.

Basically, you mix all of the ingredients together except for the crackers. You melt the chocolate mixture in the microwave until it's smooth and then you dip the crackers into the chocolate. Place the crackers on parchment paper, add sprinkles and then let the cookies cool (I put mine in the fridge). Ta da! You have homemade Thin Mints (but better because you added sprinkles). 

I got tired of dipping the crackers. This was much easier.

And now you love me. Or hate me. Because these are addictive and rather than eating them once a year, you'll probably have the ingredients in your pantry year-round. And did I mention it only takes five minutes from start to finish?  I'm in so much trouble. Why do I have to love food so much?

If you're interested in the original recipe, check it out here. Totally stole it from my coupon blog so I want to give credit where credit is due.


Homemade Thin Mint Cookies w/Jen's modifications
1 sleeve of Ritz whole wheat crackers
1 cup milk chocolate chips
1 tsp. coconut oil 
1/2 tsp. peppermint extract
Sprinkles (optional, but you know you want them)

Put the chocolate chips, coconut oil and peppermint extract in a microwavable bowl. Heat for 30 seconds and then stir. Repeat until smooth. Dip Ritz crackers into the melted chocolate. Place on parchment paper and add sprinkles. Stick in the fridge or freezer. Enjoy!

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