Friday, February 28, 2014

I ate better when I was pregnant

I've been eating horribly lately. Dinners are usually healthy and breakfasts aren't too bad, but lunches have been terrible. It's either fast food or Ramen (it sounded good a couple of weeks ago and now I want it all the time). My snacks have been on a downward spiral, too. Gone are the days of baby carrots and guacamole. Instead, I'm scrounging around for chocolate or cookies. Oh and I tried not buying that stuff, but I'm too resourceful for my own good (exhibit A: an open bag of chocolate chips in the fridge that I eat from at random).

I was thinking about it and I ate waaaaay better when I was pregnant. Sure, there was a period where I would eat anything I could keep down (hello, morning sickness) and that resulted in Chef Boyardee every day for at least a month (haven't touched a can since), but once I got through the vomit stage, I was a champ. At one point, I was drinking Ensure every day (to put back on the weight I lost in the first trimester) and I was making healthy choices for most meals (not going to lie, I loved me some Popeye's). I made myself drink at least 64 oz of water every day and I always took my prenatal and calcium supplements. I didn't go on an all-out binge because I was really trying to make sure E would be healthy. If you saw me in my last trimester, you probably thought I was eating everything I could get my hands on, but I was really diligent about my eating habits. Even so, I gained between 45 and 50 pounds. The picture below was taken two days before I gave birth.

Note that Baby E loved Justin Timberlake's Suit & Tie, Zucchini and of course, Popeye's.
I was huge, right? One day I went in for my appointment and my midwife said my stomach fully entered the room before she could see anything else. I was fortunate that I gained most of the weight in my belly and it didn't take long for it to go away after E was born. Plus, I had a lot of water weight (it took weeks for my feet to go back to normal. I had forgotten what they looked like).

And to my credit, I ate pretty well up until a couple of months ago because E was nursing all the time. Now that he's weaning himself, I don't feel as obligated to eat as well (or maybe I've just hit a limit??). But now I think it's time to rally and get back to healthy eating. You can only eat junk for so long, right? I mean today we went out to lunch for someone's birthday and I filled my plate - at a buffet, no less - with tons of fried food (I love sweet and sour chicken). Sigh. It's going to be an uphill battle.

I also need to start jogging again. I tried the couch to 5k awhile back and quit because...I hate running. It was on a treadmill and I think I need to be outside. Also, I bought a jogging stroller at Target about a month ago because it was on clearance (how can you pass up a jogging stroller for $50?) and it's been sitting against the wall ever since (at least I put it together, right?). So now I really need to justify that purchase...Fortunately, a couple of the other moms are willing to go jog so I'm hoping we can keep each other motivated.

And once I get that going, I need to start lifting weights again. I didn't exercise while I was pregnant (a daily walk with Layla was about it) and I lost a lot of muscle mass. Holding E has helped my arms some, but I need to do more.

Just thinking about all of this makes me want to find a cookie.

Anyone else working on self-improvement? I find it to be a necessary evil.


  1. I am! You've gotta keep it interesting and fun for you or you will never do it!

    I love lifting weights, I'm kind of obsessed now. Can you find a trainer for 1x a week? I know it's a splurge, but it would help you with correct form and proper technique. Just a thought, not even sure if you are a member at a gym.

    I'd tell you to get it together now....especially if you want to have more kids. It's not any eaiser to do it after baby #2...

  2. Jenn - I tried the gym thing, but couldn't get into it. Something about staying motivated from my couch to the car to the gym. Once I get into a routine, I'm really good about working out at home to the point I feel guilty if I skip a day. It's just getting into that mindset again. And you do have a point about baby #2....

  3. This is why a trainer is key - but you have to find a trainer you gel with. I loved having one and want to find one again. The ones at my current gym are all douche canoes, I may have to switch gyms. Sigh.

    Make a calendar. Be like a kindergartner and put a star on every day you make it to workout. Set little goals like "if I work out for 2 weeks, 3x a week - I will get myself a new shirt". Just make it fun for you! That's what works for me! :)