Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OK, so maybe I'm more half-granola than crunchy

So apparently I've chosen to play fast and loose with a couple of words. I thought Party Girl to Crunchy Mama had a nice flow to it so I slapped that name on my blog and called it a day. What I didn't stop to consider was that I never really fell into a typical party girl lifestyle (I associate this with rich socialites) and as it turns out, I'm not especially crunchy either. I'm more like half-granola. I think I can come up with enough events to justify the party girl persona (stories for another time), but Party Girl to Half-Granola Mama doesn't sound right, does it? Can I cheat and still say I'm crunchy even if I'm only sorta crunchy?

- 10 minutes later -

I never should've Googled crunchy parenting. When will I learn that Google is not my friend? Below is a list of things crunchy parents practice. I've highlighted the ones that definitely apply to us in green, the ones that sort of apply in yellow and the ones that don't apply in red.

  • Attachment Parenting - I think we may fall into this category
  • Co-Sleeping - unintentionally fell into this black hole, but I kind of like it 
  • Baby Wearing - that Ergo has saved my lower back for sure
  • cloth diapering - yes, but because they're cute not so much because they're environmentally friendly - is that half credit? Ooh and I use a disposable at night now. Hmm...I'm keeping it green.
  • Elimination communication - not there yet
  • natural birth - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • home birth - um, no
  • water birth - that would've been nice, but there's no way I could've done it without painkillers. 
  • delayed cord clamping - yes
  • breastfeeding - 9 months and still going strong
  • extended breastfeeding - not sure where we're headed with this one
  • delayed vaccination - NO
  • selective vaccination - Sorry E, you're getting stuck buddy
  • vaccination exempt - nope
  • holistic medicine - I do believe in balance 
  • alternative health - we use the teething tablets, coconut oil, etc. That counts, right?
  • Veg/Vegan - uh, my husband is a hunter
  • Tree Hugging drug free Hippie Mama - what does this even mean?
  • Homeschooling/Unschooling - unschooling? WTF?
  • Natural Products - sure
  • Toxin Aware - always 
  • Plastic Free - not so much
  • No Cry It Out - this is true
  • No Spanking - probably not
  • Peaceful parenting - sure, let's call it that
  • Minimalist - I think we've established otherwise
  • Free Range Children - the hell? Just Googled it. Yeah, this is so NOT me.
  • Child Led learning - sure
  • TV Free - not gonna happen
  • Limited Media - nope
  • Eco-Friendly Home - ummmm....
  • Buy WAHM - when I can
  • Buy Small Business - absolutely 
  • Buy Local - love farmer's markets 
  • Travel Green (On foot or Bike or bus) - I live in Texas 
  • Organic Gardening - Definitely true! We have an aquaponics garden inside AND outside. 
  • Buy Organics First - depends
  • Poison Free Homes - sort of
  • Midwife Care - Loved my midwife
  • No Circumcision - isn't this a bit personal?
  • Handmade - what? soap? paper towels? candles? No to all of the above.
  • Activism - hmm
  • Human Rights / Animal Right - as in I believe in them or I will go to jail for the cause?
  • Active Parenting - I'm going to go with yes
Looks like about half red, half green/yellow. Does that mean I should change the name of the blog? Am I misrepresenting myself? Am I a fraud?! Do any of these even sound "right" or are they off?

* Party Girl to Semi-Crunchy Mama
* Party Girl to Happy Mama
* Party Girl to Not-Quite-Crunchy Mama

Ugh, what should I do? What do you think?



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  2. well...sweet girl, I hardly would consider you a party girl or a crunchy momma. But, I do like your writing! Who cares what it is called. My blog is Fat Jenn Slim and I liked it before...but I'm over it now. I'm thinking about calling it Just Jenn. Cause that who I am...hahaha

    And to each their own on all of those things. No judging here! :)

  3. Jenn - I know, I know. It's really a stretch both ways. But semi-responsible adult to mainly responsible parent just didn't have the same ring to it. By the way, who designed your blog?

  4. Hubby Jack (Chris Stanfield). He did a very nice job.

    I should write a blog called "I've kept them alive since 2007..." Hahaha parenting is tough! But it only gets better as they get older. :)

  5. Ya, he really did! LOL you should totally change your blog title to that one. Love it!

  6. I like the first one, but yeah, who care what you call it! It's yours! Own it! I laughed a few times at your comments about the "crunchy" stuff! Ooh how about party girl to partial crunchy?!?

  7. I was thinking something similar, Jody! I'm going to test the waters and see how it sits with me. Like it's a big life change or something, haha.

  8. I'd say you're "crunchy" enough to qualify. I mean you're about 50/50/. Why discount the fact that you're making well reasoned choices to be more organic? I think it helps to show that a person can make whatever healthy changes to their lifestyle and still get some credit for it without having to reach some 100% benchmark. I think its nice to give credit where credit is due. Besides, if we're grading on a curve here, you've totally got it ;)

  9. I have no idea who posted ^^^ this comment, but thank you! I think there should be some credit when people are making an effort. Although I loathe participation trophies. Does that make me a hypocrite? Anyway, I'll take the credit this time :)