Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"We put the FUN in funeral" - Are you kidding me?

Last night, I read an article about a Wisconsin National Guard soldier who posted an inappropriate photo on her social media account. What? Someone posted something inappropriate online? That's not newsworthy. Oh, but it is.

This photo showed 14 soldiers from various National Guard units posing around an empty, flag-draped casket with the caption, "we put the FUN in funeral -- your fearless honor guard from various states."

While you let that sink in, let me add another tidbit to the mix. The same soldier posted a photo of herself in a car with the caption, "It's so damn cold out... WHY have a funeral outside!? Somebody's getting a jacked up flag."

Are you raging with me?

The level of unprofessionalism and disrespect toward those who have paid the ultimate price is sickening. These are the people charged with honoring our fallen men and women and this is how they choose to do it? By mocking that job? By mocking the fallen and their families? W.T.F.

Yes, she's being disciplined. Apparently, she's been suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of the investigation. And while I'm glad she's being disciplined, what about the other 13 people in that photograph? According to the news articles I've read, those people are still being tracked down and it's up to their individual units to dole out punishments. 

So do you think they will? I sure as hell hope so. Did they post the photo online? Not that I know of. But did they pose in the photo? Yep, and to me, that's enough to warrant a punishment. How is it ever appropriate to use a flag-draped casket as a prop? There's a soldier throwing up a peace sign. There's someone giving someone else bunny ears. There are soldiers hugging it out and pointing off in the distance. There's one imitating the thinker. It's inappropriate. It's inexcusable. It's disgusting.

What's more, how do 14 people come together and decide this is a good idea? HOW does that happen? Not one person said hey guys, maybe we should take our group photo elsewhere. Hey guys, a flag-draped casket is not a prop. Hey guys, people might find this offensive. NOT ONE person had the cahones to say no, this isn't right? 

There was a woman who left a comment who said that it raises a lot of doubts about the level of respect being shown to fallen service members and their families. And she has a point. The last thing a grieving family needs to worry about is if the honor guard is folding the flag the right away, complaining about the weather, taking inappropriate pictures with the casket or openly mocking the ceremony. 

The military is significantly cutting back its members. If I was on the board, I'd ask for all 14 of those files. If they don't respect the sacrifices their fellow soldiers are making, they shouldn't be in a uniform. 


You can see the original article here.


  1. Agree. This was shameful. There is absolutely no excuse for it. None. And if I may, I would like to point out the number of deployment patches on the Soldiers posing in the photo... yep, I counted one. One. And at least six empty shoulders where a deployment patch should be. Understanding they're National Guard, it still does not matter. Without that deployment patch, that means they haven't experienced combat, watched a friend get blown up or gotten shot at in a far-off land. Just makes it that much more pathetic that they would so easily mock a funeral of a fallen service member.

  2. Yeah, I've been stewing on it for awhile now and I still can't figure out where they were coming from. I've tried every angle I can think of and it still doesn't make sense. It's just sad.