Monday, March 24, 2014

Spa treatment? Yes, please!

Yesterday, I went to the spa to cash in my birthday gift certificate. I've never been super into the spa (like a regular), but we like to go every once in awhile for a couples massage (the last time was three years ago when Nate was on R&R and we were in the Canary Islands). Anyway, I signed up for a Swedish massage followed by a lime scalp massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Belton and it was amazing.

My lower back has been giving me problems (probably from carrying 24ish pounds of baby around) so the masseuse paid extra attention to my back. And even though it was a light to moderate pressure type of massage, when I left my lower back was sore. Yep, my back is that bad. My neck wasn't great either. Today, I feel amazing. If I had the money, I would give this as a gift to every set of parents at their child's first birthday. Having a child is stressful in more ways than one and this was like hitting a reset button.

The only thing I would skip is the scalp massage because it really didn't do anything for me. Instead, I'd spend the money on a facial. Or maybe a hand treatment.

I think one of the other reasons I enjoyed this massage so much is because childbirth strips you of a lot of modesty. Instead of lying there worrying about if I missed a spot while shaving (I did), or how pale my legs are or if my skin was dry, I just enjoyed the moment. I mean, if you can go through childbirth and have an entire team looking at your lady bits, you can relax for a massage where 95 percent of your body is covered at all times.

Also, I really liked the American version of the massage better than the European one. Only because in Europe, they're very aggressive and very handsy. Yesterday, the masseuse was super respectful and maintained boundaries at all times. I wish I had gotten a name. I should probably call them.

If you're in the mood to splurge on yourself (and if you're really nice, your significant other) I highly recommend making an appointment here (note: they have locations throughout the country).



  1. I get a massage every month, I call it my maintenance. :) Worth every penny!

  2. Jenn - maybe I should mention this to Nate. I can see where getting one every month would be good for my body (and my sanity, haha).

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  4. Advance happy birthday, Jen! What are your plans this time? I hope you’ll get another gift certificate, so you can go and treat yourself to another refreshing massage at a spa. This will be good for your back and neck, and all other tired muscles in your body. So, go and treat yourself more often!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station