Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ah exercise, we meet again

Several months ago, I attempted to the couch to 5k program. It was too hot to run outside so I packed up the car and strapped E into his car seat and made the trip to my parents' house so I could use their treadmill. My mom watched E while I worked out and it was great for about two months. I breezed through the beginning of the program, but hit a plateau at six or seven weeks. So then I'd do week six again. And again. And again. And then I remembered that I hate running.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago and I was in Target (you can tell this is heading toward trouble, can't you?) and there was a shiny new jogging stroller for 70 percent off. How could I possibly not buy said jogging stroller when it was only 30 percent of its original price? So I heaved that box into the cart and away I went.

Of course, the weather has been bad until recently so it's been sitting against the wall for a month. OK, maybe two months. At this point, I have to justify the purchase. Nate is starting to give me the side-eye.

Three of my mommy friends (can I just call them friends? Or does it have to be mommy friends? Adding the mommy part is almost an automatic reaction at this point. Do you differentiate between your friends and mommy friends in your head? Maybe this would be a good blog topic for later. I digress) also have jogging strollers and agreed to start jogging three times a week.

We started this past Monday and did a walk day (we had a flat tire) and today we officially started the couch to 5k program. Two things. One - pushing 55 pounds (30 for the stroller, 25 for E) on wheels does not making jogging easier. Two - I still hate jogging.

But you know what made it bearable? Having two other people jogging/walking/struggling (mainly me) right next to me. I'm going to keep getting up and going because I think - hope - that eventually I can get into a good rhythm with the stroller. It's awkward because you're pushing something and so I felt like I was leaning forward a bit and really pushing into the ground with my legs (does that even make sense?). But I felt great afterward and I know it's important to get some cardio in. I've been putting off working out for way too long. E will be a year old in a few weeks. The "I just had a baby" excuse isn't valid anymore (OK, hasn't been for awhile).

Anyone else starting a new workout program? The beginning is the always the worst part. I'm ready to be four weeks in where it's a routine and my body no longer hates me.


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