Friday, April 11, 2014

Healthy Baby Home Party

What one of our party-goers took home. Photo courtesy of Caitlin (thanks!)
One of the things I've stumbled across while couponing is a trend in home parties. But unlike say, a Tupperware party, these aren't events where you purchase products. Instead, the company sends you a box full of goodies, you invite people to your house and you share the samples. Who doesn't like a freebie?

A couple of months ago, I applied to host a Healthy Baby Home Party sponsored primarily by Seventh Generation and much to my surprise, I was selected (I apply for parties all the time and never seem to get picked). They sent me a huge box of goodies including full-size products for prizes and samples for all of the attendees. Their customer service was also fantastic. One of the products - a squeeze pouch full of organic baby food - busted open in the box en route and almost all of the dish liquid and laundry detergent samples got soaked (naturally, they were packaged in paper). I emailed the team to let them know and they sent another box of goodies to me within the week.

Originally, I was going to host the party at home but with all the extra samples we moved it to the park so more people could attend. The event was yesterday and even though the wind was out of control, I think everyone had a good time. We even had enough full-size products that almost everyone left with one.

We love Seventh Generation and some of the other companies that participated (some are new to me so I'm looking forward to trying out their products). And they've actually got an online petition going to ask Congress to reform the Toxic Substances Reform Act of 1976 to protect families from harmful chemicals with suspected links to cancer, birth defects, asthma and more. If you're interested, you can view a video and/or sign the online petition here.

This particular home party was done through Facebook, but there's also a website dedicated solely to different house parties. You can check it out here. One of the recent ones included a free Keurig for the host. Why didn't I get picked for that one?!

Oh well. Probably better to focus on toxin-free living anyway. You're welcome, E.


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