Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Wanna Marry "Harry"

I am no stranger to trashy television. Rock of Love? More than one season. Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav? An unfortunate full series viewership. Marriage Boot Camp on WE TV? Ugh, yes, the whole damn thing. The only layer of scummy television I've yet to tap is the Kardashian trash and I refuse to go that low. Hey, I have standards.

And sitting firmly in the gray area is the new reality series called, I Wanna Marry "Harry." It's Joe Millionaire redone with a "prince." This guy - I seriously don't even know his real name - pretends to be Prince Harry and 12 American women (they would be American) try to date him, fall in love and get engaged in the span of five weeks. Of course, they're whisked away to live in an amazing house with a lovely staff in the UK so you know, it must be real.

Sigh. If this were really Prince Harry, I'd be glued to the screen. Can you imagine? An actual ROYAL on a reality dating show? The queen herself would probably keel over from utter humiliation (and this is a woman that survived him playing naked billiards in Vegas).

But a fake Harry? Eh. I'm also on the fence because I'm both amused AND embarrassed by the 12 women on this show. This guy may look similar to Harry, but anyone who has seen a photograph of him EVER can tell it's not the same guy. Um, and I mentioned the whole royal humiliation thing, right? So what person in their right mind would ever believe this is real? See - it could be amusing and definitely embarrassing.

Obviously these women are a) in it for the title, b) not what I would call real world savvy, c) probably don't understand royal standards and d) not the brightest America has to offer (why do they have to be American? Why?!).

I'm fairly certain in one of the show promos a contestant said she didn't care if it was Prince Harry or Harry Potter. What the what.

Maybe the twist is that they tried out for the show and had no idea it was "Prince Harry?" Maybe they just know it's a "Harry" and that's it? I could cut them a little more slack if that's the case. Somehow I doubt I'll get that lucky.

Ugh, I'll probably have to watch the first episode at least. Damn you, Ryan Seacrest. Side note - this guy has his finger in every pie. Do you remember that in the first season of American Idol he had a co-host named Brian? He quit because it was too hard to watch the criticism from the judges. Big mistake. HUGE (and yes, I am using the Pretty Woman voice there).


PS - You know that the real Prince Harry is going to watch. How could you not watch? If I had a lookalike doing a reality show, I'd totally watch. So if a royal is watching this trashy show, then maybe it's not so bad if I watch it. I'm in good company, right? What you say? Did you just rationalize watching this trashy television program? Why yes. Yes, I did. You're welcome Fox. I just upped your summer ratings.

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