Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reinventing Breakfast: Oatmeal Cups

At least, it's reinventing breakfast for us. Lately, the only thing E has wanted for breakfast is half of a bagel or a muffin or pancakes. And who can blame him? I love all things bread, too. But when I read about how bagels are horrible for you the mommy guilt crept in crashed in like a tidal wave and I decided I needed to make some changes.

Enter baked oatmeal cups. You've probably seen them on Pinterest boards or heard about them from the crunchy types that like to flaunt their nutritionally sound "baked goods" in our donut-loving faces. I made some a couple of weeks ago and surprisingly, E took the bait! He ate two at breakfast with his yogurt and I gave myself a big ol' pat on the back - job well done, me. Job well done. The recipe actually made about 40 oatmeal cups so I froze some before they dried out. Unfortunately, E doesn't like them reheated from the freezer (they are a little dry so I just slather butter all over the top. What? It's still oatmeal).

This time, I decided to make half a batch and to add some extra goodies to the mix. This should appeal to both cooks and bakers because while there is some measuring involved, there's also room to tweak it and make it your own.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Mommy Confession

I have a parenting confession.

I no longer cloth diaper.

Yep, the cloth is gone (OK, technically it's still in E's room, but it's no longer on his butt). Me, the supposedly "crunchy mama" who couldn't wait to dress her baby in adorable cloth diapers has failed decided to quit for good (or until the next one shows up).

If you've read my blog before, you know that I was seriously gung ho about cloth diapering E. I bought different types, read up on laundry practices, even convinced Nate it was the way to go. And for a while, it worked. The laundry wasn't a big deal and E didn't seem to mind the cloth at all. And his butt was adorable in cloth (it really was).

And then one day - like so many other things recently - it wasn't working anymore. That card was punched for the last time. There are a few reasons why we decided to stop and while I probably don't need to explain them, it would make me feel better if I hit the highlights.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Should spouses get military discounts?

A couple of days ago, I read an article on Army Wife 101 about a spouse who was denied a military discount and proceeded to leave the store...and make a bit of a stink on television (gotta love the local news).

Basically it went something like this - she asked for a military discount (10%) when she checked out at Home Depot. The clerk said the policy had changed and she couldn't use the discount so she asked to see a manager for clarification. The clerk muttered something about her not being the active duty person anyhow and walked off. So she and a few other people in line left their items and the store. She's saying it's not the money (which would've saved her about 5 bucks), but the principle.

She said if you advertise that you support the military that should include the service member's family. I kind of agree. I believe a military discount is a perk, not a right, and what's more is really intended for the service member, not necessarily dependents (that being said, most establishments also give the discount to spouses as well because they do most of the shopping). On the flip side, military families are very much a part of their service member's career (moving, taking care of the home during deployments, attending unit events) so I can kind of see where all of the benefits should extend to the service member's family.