Friday, June 6, 2014

A Mommy Confession

I have a parenting confession.

I no longer cloth diaper.

Yep, the cloth is gone (OK, technically it's still in E's room, but it's no longer on his butt). Me, the supposedly "crunchy mama" who couldn't wait to dress her baby in adorable cloth diapers has failed decided to quit for good (or until the next one shows up).

If you've read my blog before, you know that I was seriously gung ho about cloth diapering E. I bought different types, read up on laundry practices, even convinced Nate it was the way to go. And for a while, it worked. The laundry wasn't a big deal and E didn't seem to mind the cloth at all. And his butt was adorable in cloth (it really was).

And then one day - like so many other things recently - it wasn't working anymore. That card was punched for the last time. There are a few reasons why we decided to stop and while I probably don't need to explain them, it would make me feel better if I hit the highlights.

First, E has extremely sensitive skin and we thought the cloth diapers might've been irritating his skin. Our doctor recommended switching to disposables to see if that made a difference. It didn't make a difference with the skin irritation (we know that now), but it did make a difference with me.

Around this time, E decided he no longer wanted to participate willingly in diaper changes. So, I bought a package of Huggies slip-on diapers for our trial period (they pull on like underwear, rip off when it's time for a new one) and never looked back. Even when we got the all clear I couldn't bring myself to give up the pull-on diapers. You don't understand. He doesn't stop moving. Ever. So every diaper change is now done with him standing up (unless it's a hefty change in which case you have to temporarily distract him and move with lightening speed OR unless it's a nighttime diaper, which is not available in pull-on form. Take note, Huggies). It's so much easier to change him standing up than it is to wrestle him on the floor/diaper changing table/trunk of the car. It's also nice when you forget a changing pad and he needs to be changed in a public restroom. (Note: He still moves during the change. A couple of days ago, he made a break for it as soon as I took his diaper off and managed to pee on the carpet before I could get a new one on him. Le sigh.)

In the end, these work better for us (most of the time). I still harbor guilt about leaving our cloth diapers out in the cold, but I love changing his diaper without all of the stress trying to hold him down like a greased up pig (seriously, does he lotion himself up when I'm not looking?). And I still don't care for the squishy gel stuff in disposables, but it's a trade-off at this point because leaks have become a non-issue (we never could get it quite right in cloth). As an added benefit, he now wears pants that fit him instead of pants two sizes bigger to accommodate the cloth diaper (which is nice since he's already creeping into 2Ts).

Right, so there's my confession. Despite the fact that I wanted the cloth to work, that I talked about it ALL the time, that I professed my undying love for his adorable, fluffy butt and yes, I even said I didn't like's all over. I'm eating my words (sort of - we still cloth diapered for awhile so that has to count for something) and with this post, I'm letting go of ALL of my guilt (that's why people confess, right?).

And if you want to judge me, you can. I'm sure you're thinking "I told you so" or "I knew it wouldn't last" or "she's my role model" (not that one, huh?) and that's OK. Just don't say it to my face (unless I'm your role model). Oh and if I've learned anything about being a parent, it's that you have to be flexible. Things aren't always going to go as planned and that's OK. Let's try to be nice to one another because your turn is coming. I promise.

Anyone else have a parenting confession?

Get it off your chest. I already feel amazing.


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