Monday, July 14, 2014


There are days when the only place E wants to nap is on my lap. Usually he starts out in his crib, wakes up about halfway through his nap and wants to snuggle for another 30 minutes to an hour. I really enjoy that time together because we get some extra bonding in (he is SO peaceful when he sleeps) and it forces me to sit down and relax. Forget the laundry, the dishes and yes, even my workout. It's time to put our feet up.

One other bonus is that I can catch up on my television shows. This is great because I rarely sit down to watch primetime television anymore (hooray for on demand). In the summer, it's not such a big deal because programming sucks, but in the fall it's my link to Scandal. Right now, I'm only watching Naked & Afraid and Ladies of London so the other day I went searching for something new to watch. I stumbled down the E! rabbit hole and wasted several hours (not all at once) of my life watching #richkidsofbeverlyhills. Yes, there's literally a hashtag in the name of the show. That should've been the first red flag.

Because it's kind of a train wreck. The people on the show aren't "kids", but rather adults in their mid-20's to early 30's. Oh and they are legitimately loaded. Most of them are spending their parents' money, not their own, but either way they are rolling in cash. Are they part of the famous Instagram account? This must be where they found these people.

There's not much of a plot to any of the shows. They host a blood drive in one. They take an anniversary trip to Cabo in another. They have fights (fake fights?) about itemizing the bill after a night out (seems a bit cheap, doesn't it?). For the most part they sit around drinking or go out shopping. The people are...quirky...but it's a contrived quirkiness for sure. When I watch them talking it's like they're behaving how they think reality stars should behave. I should say XYZ because it's expected or because it's funny (it's not) or because I want to play to the camera (bingo).

But I keep watching because a) there's nothing else on television and b) the way they spend money is obscene and I can't help but watch. The amount of cash they drop on a whim is totally nuts. Thirty grand on a purse? Or a night out at the club? Or to rent a yacht for a few hours? The frack. It really shows you how the other half lives. Then again, are their parents (the ones who actually earned the money) spending cash that way? Somehow I doubt it. The rich don't get rich by blowing all their cash on handbags and champagne.

At least when I waste time watching the Ladies of London there are some charity events thrown in the mix (their tiny blood drive barely counts) and they have real jobs. I need to find better programming to watch. Any suggestions? Oh look. Abbey Lee Miller has a new show where she saves dance studios!

Why yes, I would like to watch this episode from June.


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