Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Upcycle your clothes

My closet is was a wreck. Nate thinks that I'm a hoarder (I'm not. I've seen the show) and to be fair, I do have a tendency to hold on to clothes. I don't know if I think they'll come back in style or if I might need them someday because my weight fluctuates...the excuses vary. He could've picked out any item and I would've had an excuse to keep it (but the color! the fit! the memories!) even if I hadn't worn it in years.

But no more. After going through a pregnancy, there are certain things that will never fit again (and that's probably for the best in some cases) and it's time to update my wardrobe. So I went through everything in the closet and made piles - keep, donate, sell.

Unfortunately, I'm horrible at selling things. And I know that using eBay is "easy" but it's just not for me. I don't want to post something there and then keep track of it and worry about shipping it if it sells. Drag a toddler to the post office? No thank you. And I know you can print labels from home, but I don't have a scale and I don't want to stockpile flat rate boxes (the color! the fit! the memories! - excuses, right?). Instead, I decided to "upcycle" my clothes by selling them to a website that specializes in used clothing.

This time, I used to sell my items. Signing up takes about 30 seconds - seriously. It's free to join and there's usually a bonus credit added to your account (if you click the link above, it will give both of us a credit!). To sell your items, simply request a bag and they'll send it to you free of charge. You fill the bag with gently used clothing, seal it and schedule a USPS pickup (or drop it off at the post office). The postage is taken care of so your only concern is getting the bag shut after you add all of your clothes.

The folks at Twice go through your clothes and then send you an email with a cash and credit offer. If you opt for cash, it's a straight offer with either PayPal or a check. If you opt for store credit, you get an additional 25% added to your offer. I opted for the store credit because I want to try out their service and see what I can find. Some of the clothes on their site are new with tags so if buying used clothes weirds you out, don't write them off yet. Oh and if you hate the amount they offer you for your clothes, they'll return everything for a $5 fee.

I've also sold clothes to The process is the same, but I'm not sure what their going rate is or if they have a bonus for taking store credit (they probably do). I wasn't happy with their payout offer, but took it anyway because the other option was donating everything to Goodwill (see: I hate selling stuff above). I think the amount Twice offered me was more reasonable, but I'm sure every bag and situation is different.

If you're looking to update your closet, clean out a few things or even make a little extra cash, I highly recommend upcycling your clothes. It's ridiculously easy and someone else will get some enjoyment out of your items, too.


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