Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wardrobe Crisis Update: Stitch Fix #2 &

My second Stitch Fix came in the mail yesterday! It's a little ridiculous how excited I get about these boxes, but I can't stress enough how nice it is to get something fun in the mail that's just for me. Anyway, this time a different stylist put my box together. I've heard that you should request the same one to get into a rhythm, but I kind of threw caution to the wind. I'd say my box was about the same as the first one. Some of it was good, some was OK and some wasn't me at all. What I did appreciate about this stylist was that while she put in items that were on the expensive side, she also included items that were on the lower end. For example, one of the shirts was $28. Since you have to pay the $20 styling fee when your box is shipped I already had a $20 "credit" of sorts (if you don't apply it to your box, you lose it). In the end, I would've been out an extra $8. Not bad at all, especially since you want to buy at least one piece and put your styling fee to good use. Here are the items she sent me:

This was cute. I wish it wasn't so transparent though.

This made me look like an old lady and I wasn't a fan of the material either. Oh and the arms were super tight. Yikes. 

This was cute, but definitely not my style.

This looks like an ordinary maxi dress, but oh man, does it fit well. It was the most expensive piece in the box and I didn't even want to try it on because of the price. But I put it on anyway (that's the whole point of this, right?) and I showed it to Nate (I model all of the pieces) and he insisted I get it because he thought it looked so good on me. Have I mentioned how amazing my husband is? Oh and one more thing. The dress is LONG. I have a hard time finding maxi dresses that are long enough for me and this one will probably have to be hemmed. A++

A better view of the print. 

These pants were crazy comfortable, but they looked like oversized mom jeans and Nate nixed them pretty quick. I probably would've struggled to wear them out in public because they're so much like lounge pants anyway. Although, I love linen pants and some would probably argue those fall in the lounge category. Pssh, whatever. If you don't own a pair of linen pants, get some. You'll thank me later.

In the end, I decided to keep the dress. I was tempted to keep the white tank as well, but the dress was on the high side and I couldn't justify more clothes, especially when it was "just OK" as opposed to my dress that made me look "amazing." 

I'll review the items on their site (the stylists use your comments for the next box) and check out today. And for what it's worth, the stylists take your notes seriously. I sent them a link to a pair of shoes I bought recently and they sent me clothes that would go with my shoes. Excellent customer service. And returning the unwanted items is super easy. I'll schedule a pick up with USPS and leave the bag on my doorstep. You can sign up for Stitch Fix here. Totally recommend it as a treat for yourself!

And here's a small update about As you know, I sold some of my clothes to them and opted for the store credit to get more money. Several weeks ago I ordered two new shirts that still had tags on them and used my store credit. However, when they arrived they didn't fit the way I wanted  - so sad. On the bright side, the site's return policy is awesome. All I had to do was print off a shipping label, put everything in a new bag and drop it off at USPS. They have free return shipping on all of their items if you return them within 30 days. And just the other day I got an email saying my account had been refunded. Another site with excellent customer service. You can sign up here


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