Friday, September 12, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

My third Stitch Fix showed up this week and I have to say, I was a little disappointed in this box. In my previous two boxes, the blouses they'd sent me were way too big so I made sure to tell them that when I critiqued each piece. So I was a little irritated when two more blouses showed up that were again, way too big. 

I decided to send an email to them to see how I could better explain my sizing issues and received a lovely email from their customer service rep. She was very apologetic about the size problem and said it normally takes a few boxes to get the sizing right. She also said their stylists read all of the comments and take them into consideration before they pick out your fix. Finally, she gave me store credit because I was so disappointed in the fix and she wanted to make sure my styling fee was covered for next month.

I have to say, I'm impressed with their customer service. Not so much with this box...but definitely with them in general. For this fix, I mentioned that I was serving on the board for a local organization and that I'd like some more business casual type stuff to wear to meetings. Here's what Erika sent me: 

I know there are people that can pull off the oversized blouses, but not me. It looks like I'm playing dress up in Blanche's closet at the Golden Girls' house. Also, that pink is not a great color on me...

The back of this blouse is sheer with polka dots. It's actually pretty cute in person and would've been great if it hadn't been so big. 

This moto jacket looked good, except it was too short. The curse of a long torso. 

I decided to keep the wrap dress. It fits well and I can wear it to meetings or to something more casual.

This skirt was so far from my style that I was sad. Kind of like 20% of my box was just a straight up waste. Oh well. 

Right so, it's definitely been hit or miss for me lately. I regret not picking one stylist and asking for the same one each time. I could probably go back and figure out who sent the second box. It was my favorite of the three. 

All of that being said, I'm not going to cancel the service yet. I still think it's a fun way to treat myself and I've found a couple of really cute pieces that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Besides, you don't want to purchase the whole box (that would cost a mint). Interested in trying it out? Sign up using my link here. Also, for what it's worth, what I got in my box isn't necessarily what you would get in yours. You create your own style profile, Pinterest boards, etc and they build your box from those recommendations. 


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