Wednesday, October 8, 2014

9 Busy Bag Ideas for Toddlers

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but in case I haven't, you should know that I have THE BEST mommy group. Earlier this week we had a busy bag exchange and the ladies went above and beyond with their crafts. If you've never heard of busy bags, they're crafts/games/toys that typically fit in a gallon-sized bag that you can tote around with you. Trip to the doctor's office? Grab a busy bag. Going on a road trip? Grab several busy bags. You get the idea. It's an easy and effective way to entertain your child. Of course, these can be modified to fit your child's age. These just happen to be perfect for our toddler group. 

This time I opted for something easy. Last time, I had a bit of a Pinterest fail. This was more my speed. I bought five boxes of flash cards for $1 each at Target. Then I split them up into 10 groups, punched holes in the middle and added a binder ring (also available at Target). 

Time to go fishing! Each felt fish has a magnet inside and you use the fishing pole (also with a magnet on the end) to pick them up.

The name game. Your child's name is pasted on the inside of a manila folder and they use loose, laminated letters to match 'em up. 

Build your own cupcake! Kids use pieces of felt to make their own cupcake complete with toppings.

Stringing letters/shapes. This helps with fine motor skills. All you need is a shoelace, foam cutouts and a hole punch!

Matching colors. Grab some paint swatches at Home Depot and make this matching game using cardboard and clothespins. 

I spy game. Make rainbow rice and put it in an empty/dry plastic bottle. Add I spy elements like a candle or bow. 

Tie your shoe game. String a shoelace through a cardboard shoe and practice tying laces. Great for little hands!

Stringing shapes. Cut out felt shapes and make a small slit in the middle of each one. Add some ribbon so kids can string shapes and work on fine motor skills. 

Too much fun, right? I love these exchanges because all I have to do is make nine or 10 sets of the same thing and then I leave with nine or 10 different sets. So much easier than trying to make each one myself. Not to mention, some of these might be beyond my current craftiness level. 

Hopefully this post will inspire you to make your own busy bags. And if any of the moms are reading this, THANK YOU. E loves all of the new busy bags!


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