Friday, October 3, 2014

DIY: Functional Halloween Centerpiece

I've been toying with the idea of a mason jar centerpiece for about two months now. One reason it took so long to get this project off the ground is because I couldn't decide on mason jars. The ones I wanted to use looked too small and the next size looked huge. I was at Target a couple of days ago and the huge jars were on sale for $4. Decision made.

From there, I decided to make the jars more functional than decorative. Originally, I had considered using candles or fall leaves inside, but I discovered I needed storage space and this seemed like the logical answer. Previously, my candied pecans were stored like this:

I think the mason jar solution is a lot cuter so I put together four jars and they're now sitting on our kitchen table. Although, I think they would be cute on a counter top as well. They were ridiculously easy to make even for someone who is a little craft-challenged like myself. Here's a breakdown.

Step 1: Wash your jars if you plan on putting food in them. ("common sense" - you, "is it?" -me)

Step 2: Fill your jars with baked goods (I only had homemade graham crackers and candied pecans at the time so two of our jars are empty) and put the lids on.

Step 3: Put together your decorative piece. I bought the paper cutouts at Hobby Lobby for about $1 and I bought a glitter bat garland at Target for $1 and pulled four bats off. Add some glue and voila!

Step 4: Add orange (or black or beige or whatever) raffia around the top of the jar. I strung the bat cutout onto a piece of the raffia and then tied the bow so it was secure. Repeat three more times.

And....that's it. Now you have a cute, functional centerpiece for the month of October! I also love that I can reuse the jars later. I'll probably do something for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And they'll be perfect for E's second birthday party, which will be decked out in a Little Blue Truck theme. Total price for this was about $19, but the jars were the bulk of the expense clocking in at $16. You could also use a smaller jar (the next size down was on sale for $2 each at Target) or you could use fewer jars. And considering you could repurpose the jars time and time again I think it's a pretty affordable DIY project. 

Anyone else working on a Halloween craft?


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