Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY: Activities for your Advent Calendar

I love the holiday season. It takes every fiber of my being not to cover the entire house in Christmas decorations in early November. Poor Thanksgiving. It doesn't get the love it deserves. Normally I wouldn't post about Christmas so early, but this particular piece requires prior planning so...that's kind of a loophole, right? I mean, you can't build an advent calendar on Dec. 1. I mean, you could, but what fun is that?

And I'm SO excited about our advent calendar this year. I bought a reusable one last year at the Dillard's clearance sale and can't wait to get it on the wall. It's got little felt pieces and you hang them on the tree each day. To make it even more fun (how is that possible?! - you, I know! - me), I'm printing off activity cards for each day.

I've come up with about 30 activities and I'll assign them according to our calendar of events (we're official like that). For example, I have one that says "Work Party with Daddy" because our unit is having a kids Christmas party one Saturday. And I have another that says, "Spend Time with Great Grandparents" because we're taking a mini-trip to Fort Worth when we pick up my mom from the airport (see also: "Spend Day with Mimi"). So these will have to go in certain slots, but there are plenty of other activities I'm going to haphazardly add to the calendar. Maybe I'll fold them first so I won't know where they're going. You're about to faint from the excitement, aren't you?

Here are some of our other activities:
Make a Christmas Craft
Build a Gingerbread House
Spend All Day in Our Pajamas (that's for me - ha)
Watch Holiday Movies
Donate a Toy or Book
Choose a Child from the Angel Tree
Bake Christmas Cookies
Look at Christmas Lights
Visit Tree Farm

You can see the complete, printable list here (there's a PDF version ready to print and a Word file you can tweak to meet your family's needs. Note - you'll have to download the Word file to manipulate it otherwise it takes you to a viewing page.). I'm printing them off on scrapbook paper. I wanted a holiday theme, but E was nearing meltdown mode at the store so I grabbed what I could and headed to the register. Here's one of the pages:

I'm really hoping that E enjoys doing all of the activities. Not sure if he'll relate it back to the advent calendar, but you never know.

Anyone else doing a special advent calendar this year?


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