Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Wrap Up

The past 72 hours have flown by. On Thursday, we hosted a Halloween party for our moms' group, on Friday morning we went to the zoo with our friends and last night, we had Halloween festivities (basically passing out candy and chasing E down the street).

This morning, I went to the clearance sale at Target (my tradition) and came home to start getting the house back to normal. By the end of the day, I'm hoping to have everything packed away. As much as I enjoy decorating for October, I really love putting it all up. It's a sign that we're that much closer to my favorite month of December (hello, Christmas and birthday). I'm posting this here in hopes that I remember to look at it next year as a reference. Maybe it will give you some ideas as well.

For our party, we did a lot of DIY crafts. Mainly to keep E busy during the weeks leading up to the party. So we had a Halloween garland, a spider hanging from the ceiling and a little ghost scene covering our can goods rack. I really should've taken better photos at the party (I meant to do them before it got started and ran out of time), but what can you do? I was doing good to get snacks on the table and while I probably shouldn't admit it, was mixing punch after people arrived. This is why party planners don't take their toddlers to work.

Our trash bag spider. 

Hummus (aka blended bugs) and pumpkin guts punch (1/2 gallon orange sherbet, 2 liters of ginger ale)

String cheese broomsticks and monster lips (I think I'd use a different apple next time so it's a bit more red. Also, not splitting the cheese was a real pain)

Sam's Club cupcakes with spider additions. 

I also set up some party games in the backyard for the kids.

I had three buckets for a mini monster toss. 

A pin the hat on the cat game. A little too advanced for our wee ones.

Digging for body parts. I had a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin push-in kit in one of our totes (I buy the most random stuff at clearance sales, but it was only like 50 cents. I mean c'mon, 50 cents!) so I covered his body parts with sand and the kids went to town. 

I also set up a photo booth area with a table cloth and some of our lawn decorations. 

For Halloween night, we set up the same trunk in the front yard because we use it to hide our computer and projector. Yep, we're those people. Video below. 

We now have The Nightmare Before Christmas song, Thriller and the Ghostbusters theme song programmed into our pumpkin show. Nate did an awesome job getting everything set up.

For our party goody bags we gave out personalized coloring sheets. You can get free ones at this awesome site - lots of options, not just Halloween.

And today, we transitioned our pumpkins to turkeys. Anyone else ready for Thanksgiving? Gobble gobble! Side note: my mom made the turkey pieces in 1997. What the what.


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