Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Stitch Fix - Box #6

I have to say, I'm glad I chose a stylist. This is our third box together and I feel like she has a pretty good idea of what I like. She actually apologized in her note to me this month because their inventory is low so she didn't a lot of options to choose from. But to her credit, the tops actually fit me (yay!) and I liked the style vibe she put into this box. Was everything perfect? No. But, that's probably a good thing because buying all five pieces would get a bit pricey.

Here's what she sent me:

A long sleeve raglan shirt. This is the one I decided to keep. 

A bulky orange sweater with awesome pockets. I liked the sweater (especially the pockets), but I didn't love the color and Nate said it gave off an old woman vibe. He offered to get me a walker.

This is made by the same designer as the other raglan tee so they fit about the same. I thought it was cute, but I don't want two of the same type of shirt and the other had a little more flair to it.

This one fit OK. It was more fitted at the waist, but sort of baggy in the middle (does that even make sense?). Nate didn't care for it though.

These were waaaaaay too small. I'm going to chalk this up to low inventory.

Overall, my boxes are definitely improving. And, I love that my stylist listens to my critiques and looks for items I've asked for. This time, I asked for more casual, everyday wear because I have enough dresses for now (originally, I'd asked for outfits I could wear to work events). In fact, I'm wearing a Stitch Fix dress to a holiday reception on Sunday. I'll have to post a pic!

If you're interested in trying out this service, please register using my link here. Thanks!


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