Monday, December 29, 2014

Stitch Fix Box #7

My seventh Stitch Fix box showed up the day before my birthday (did they know? Or was that just awesome timing?). I have to say, I've been really pleased with my boxes since I started sticking with one stylist. At this point, I'm being extra critical of everything coming in, but even if the fit isn't perfect, it really is more my style. Here's what came in my box.

A trench coat. I love coats, especially the ones with lots of buttons. Think military type jackets. Or Duchess Kate. This one was cute, but didn't do much for my shape. 

I liked this blouse, but it really needs a belt and I didn't own one that worked. I could've found a belt later, but I do that way too often. "Oh, I'll buy this dress and find shoes to match," or "Oh I'll get these shoes, I bet I can find pants that are just the right length to go with them." Yeah, no. Those things end up in my closet and never get worn. 

This was much cuter on me than on the hanger. The back is all lace and it's much longer than I thought it would be. I liked it, but Nate wasn't sold.

This is out of my style zone, but I really liked the print. And I liked the way it fit in the front. The only thing I didn't like was the longer backside. I know it's trendy, but the mullet shirt is not for me.

This dress is similar to the other 41 Hawthorn dress I bought a couple of boxes ago. The thing is, it fits really well. Like super well. Like I feel like it was tailored to me well. So even though I have a dress with a similar cut, we agreed I should get this one. Love it. 

I set my schedule with Stitch Fix to receive a box once a month, but I ended up with two in December. They must come every four weeks or so as opposed to a set date each month. Depending on when my next one is scheduled, I may push it back slightly. I love the boxes, but definitely don't need two wardrobe updates a month (OK, I probably do "need" them, but it gets a bit pricey). 

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