Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY: Activity Jars (AKA - I'm Bored)

Lately, we've been stuck in a rut. We watch movies, color, build towers, play with dragons, read books and repeat. It doesn't help that we've been sick going on nearly two weeks or that my motivation is near zero. All I want to do is watch Child Genius and eat Thin Mints. So I started thinking about other activities for us to do and realized that we did much better back in December. And the reason is because we drew new activities to do each day when we added an ornament to our advent calendar.

I'm sure you've seen the "I'm bored jars" on Pinterest or other mom sites. I finally dredged up enough energy to put not one, but two, together. From now on, we'll pull popsicle sticks out of these jars when we need an activity pick-me up. I opted to make two jars because one is geared toward learning and one is toward playing.

The idea behind the learning jar is that today, we're going to learn about XYZ. And then we spend the rest of the day relating back to that item, whether it's an animal, a shape, a letter, and so forth. Here are some of the items in the learning jar.

* Letters A - Z
* Colors
* Numbers
* Shapes like hearts, squares, rectangles and triangles
* Animals like lions, dogs, cats, tigers, sheep, cows, ducks, horses and elephants

There are probably about 50 popsicle sticks in the learning jar. For the "time to play" jar, I had a much harder time coming up with activities. I probably need to go on Pinterest so I can beef up my numbers. Here are some of the play activities in our jar.

* Walk Layla
* Bake cookies
* Build a tower
* Ride tricycle
* Dress up
* Play castle
* Playground
* Build a fort
* Play outside
* Bath time
* Make music
* Color
* Paint
* Sing songs
* Read books
* Do a craft
* Signing time
* Busy bag activity
* Play monster/chase
* Watch movie
* Dance party
* Play with chalk
* Play with trains
* Meet up with friends

Has anyone else done something similar? Or have a cool activity I could add to my jars?


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