Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I change my mind all the time. And that's OK.

Case in point -

Before I got pregnant, I was one of those judgemental people who thought breastfeeding past a year was gross. Your kid can lift your shirt on his own? Your child can say the word milk? Your kid can go down the slide at the park solo? Yeah, it's time to stop lady. Put your boob away and move on.

And then I had E and my views changed. We were very fortunate that breastfeeding was relatively easy for both of us. Sure it hurts at first, but several months in we were like old pros. And when his first birthday rolled around nothing changed. It's not some magical number where you wake up one day and they're suddenly six feet tall sporting a mustache. Rather it's only a day later. 24 hours. Not all that different from yesterday.

Since he showed no interest in stopping and it didn't bother me to keep going, on we went. Now at 20 months, we're still going strong. There are lots of benefits to extended breastfeeding (although in other countries this is par for the course, not "extended"), but I'm not going to get into them here. It's not really about trying to sway you into breastfeeding longer or to make you feel bad because you didn't do it at all. What I'm really trying to say is that it's OK to change your mind. Just because you made some silly statements when you were 22 27 doesn't mean you have to live with them when you're 31.

Now do I get teased about those statements now and then? Of course. It was wrong to think those things before and I'll (try to) eat my words gracefully. But really, the teasing doesn't bother me much because I know I'm doing what's right for us.

And for what it's worth, there are days when I'm so over it. Like hurry up and quit the boob already. It's not always sunshine and roses and blue unicorns. But those moments pass and we move along. And who knows? Today could be our last day (ha, I doubt it). But in a couple of months, we may call it quits. And that's OK, too.

Anyone else change their mind about something after they became a parent??


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