Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #8 - One big box of sadness

First things first. I still love the idea of Stitch Fix. I really do. But this box bombed big time and for half a second, I was ready to quit the program altogether.

If you've been reading these posts, you know that I was having serious fit issues awhile back. And then I started using the same stylist (yay for Jacqueslene!) and everything was coming up spades. The clothes were fitting better, they were more my style, I was easily able to find at least one item in each box. And then the unthinkable happened.

Jacqueslene didn't style my box. When I opened it there was a note from *gasp* Stacey. Normally, there's a lengthy note from Jacqueslene that addresses my requests for the month with some of her personal styling tips. Instead, I found two sentences - they didn't have a red dress or skirt in my size. She included a red blouse as substitute. XO, Stacey. 

Oh hello, red flag. Were you there the whole time?

Sure enough, I looked through the clothes and was disappointed as I pulled out each piece. There was no way those blouses were going to fit. I could tell just by looking at them they were going to be too big. And that red blouse? Not red. More like orange. Or maybe even a hot pink. Definitely not red. I dutifully tried everything on and even Nate was like damn, that was a worthless box. I decided not to keep anything so I lost my $20 styling fee. And instead of my box being an unexpected source of happiness, it made me sad. And a little angry.

I wrote to Stitch Fix and explained that my normal stylist was gone. Where is she? Is she OK? Is she sick? Is she on vacation? Did she dump me because I'm too high maintenance? Who is this Stacey and why is she so brief? Is she the moody one at work? Did she read my style preferences because I don't think she did...I think she threw whatever was available in my size in a box and called it good (This is another issue. For the past two months, there have been notes that said they were limited in clothes my size. Sounds like they're having an inventory issue.). 

Stitch Fix did respond and said they weren't sure what happened to my stylist (!!!! - was she kidnapped?). But they amended my account to make sure no one would pack my fixes except for her, which is strange because I'm pretty sure my account already had her listed as my stylist. They apologized and that was that. They didn't give me a credit to my account (they did a few months ago when I complained), but that's probably because they think I'm complaining just to get store credit. I'm not. I'm complaining because I'm paying for a service that isn't delivering and I want them to fix the issue. And just in case Stacey is reading this - it's not personal, it's business. 

So I'm going to give them one more chance to get it right. But if Jacqueslene isn't back next month, I'm done for awhile. I'll put my account on hold and wait for them to get it together. Here are the pieces Stacey sent this month:

Not red. Also, sleeveless in January? I know I live in Texas, but c'mon. 

Have you joined Stitch Fix yet? I've had my ups and downs, but lots of people LOVE everything their stylists sends. I was looking at their Facebook page and people post stuff like, "Wow, Jen - you're such an awesome stylist - I kept the whole box AGAIN!" I feel like Olaf. Who is this Hans Jen?  (If you got that reference, you've watched Frozen way too many times. Just like me.) Here's how to sign up, if you're interested -- sign up here.


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