Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brace yourself - Valentine's Day is coming

As usual, Ethan's plans are more exciting than ours when it comes to the holidays. While the two of us will probably order takeout and rent a movie on Valentine's Day, Ethan will spend the 13th at a big Valentine's Day party with his friends. This makes two years in a row (or his entire life for those keeping track) that he's shown us up.

Last year, we made a snack to go with our valentines, but this year we're taking it easy. We decided to give out stickers instead. At 18 packs for $1 at the Dollar Tree I really can't complain (currently, I think there are 17 children attending the party - #nailedit). I also ordered his cards from again. I loved the way they turned out last year and I'm just as pleased with the ones this time around. We opted for the pirate theme, which came with four different pirates. I snagged them during a sale and got each set of four for about $1.

We're also taking a snack to the party so we plan on making heart-shaped cut out cookies. I don't think I have it in me to do icing since E is going to help me decorate. Instead, we'll only do sprinkles. I let E pick them out at the store and he chose an appropriate pink sprinkle as well as a Mardi Gras themed one (must be his wild side). Honestly, I prefer them without icing anyway. Less sugar means I can eat more without feeling sick. If you're in need of a good cut out cookie recipe, try out the one here. It's my aunt's recipe and I've been using it successfully for years.

As we were discussing the party, one of the moms mentioned decorating a shoebox so that it looks like a mailbox to collect the valentines. Ultimately, it was decided to hold off on the shoebox until they get a little older (dodged a bullet there since all I could find was a giant boot box under our bed), but then I started thinking. Why not use a gift bag? I save all of the gift bags we get ("hoarder" - you, "master of recycling" - me) for future use and this counts as future use. So I dug through all of them and found a plain red bag to decorate. We cut out a big E for the front and did hearts on the back. Normally, E is really into crafty stuff, but he wasn't feeling it when we were putting his bag together. He didn't want to add stickers or color anymore. He was all about the glitter, but once we did the "E" the glitter disappeared (muahahahahahaha). Anyway, we'll take his valentines in this festive bag instead of the Bath & Body Works bag I was planning on using ("hoarder" - you, "single-handedly saving the planet" - me). 

Finally, I wanted to share a link. A friend of mine made these ridiculously cute valentines for her kids to hand out. I'm not nearly this crafty, but if you are, I highly recommend checking out her post for details.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!


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