Monday, March 23, 2015

A Little Blue Truck Birthday

Have you heard of the Little Blue Truck books? They're ridiculously cute. The first one is on a farm, the second ventures into the big city and the third is a Christmas special. I used to read them over and over and over again to E. He's varied up our book routine recently, but I can still recite the Little Blue Truck books by heart. No telling what piece of intelligence my brain sacrificed so I'd have the space to memorize those books. I hope it wasn't math-related. I really need help with numbers...but I digress. We focused on the first book for E's birthday inspiration. Lots of farm animals and blue trucks. There's also a dump truck in the book, but all of the dump truck things I found were older looking so I stuck with the more toddler-friendly farm animals.

Now I planned this party for months. After my mini breakdown over invites (go here to read about that drama), I thought I would scale back my plans and opt for a more stress-free party. Apparently, my type-A personality couldn't hang. So...I decided to make a Little Blue Truck cutout from a foam board we had hanging around the garage. Hey, I'm all about upcycling. And one truck turned into two. I know. I need professional help.

Luckily, my parents and sister arrived the day before the party and were able to help finish the trucks. My sister and Nate did most of the painting while I made the cake and finished up some other projects (did I mention we were all sick AGAIN leading up to the party? Lord, help us all). Anyway, I'm going to share a couple of projects in case someone else is searching Pinterest for ideas.

Here's our finished Little Blue Truck. They did an awesome paint job, right?

Our prop in action. We added barn doors as a backdrop at the party. I got two for about $4 on a party site awhile back. 

Our party time was limited because of the venue so we took lots of photos the next day as well. 

Here's the side truck. We actually used it to direct party traffic (we had his party at the gym so the kids could play on the equipment and they host two parties at a time). 

The sign says: Cow says, "Moo!" Horse says "Neigh!" Ethan's Birthday Party is right this way!

And of course, we had to use it for more photos when we got home. 

For party favors, I opted for food. Because who doesn't like food? We made our own Little Blue Truck Trail Mix. I found some awesome farm animal cookies (Annie's) and added pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, organic graham crackers and vanilla-filled graham crackers. We packed each one in a bag and added a sticker and personalized animal cutout. We made the animals - pigs and roosters - several weeks before the party using this ornament recipe. We painted them and I added the names. On the day of the party, my sister packaged it all together by adding a balloon at the top. Everyone always gives away balloons at the end so I figured we'd make it easy and attach each one to a favor bag. We also put cow masks and blowers (what are these called?) at each table for the kids to play with at the party. Oh and I think the sign got put up, but who really knows at this point, that said: "Thanks for coming, it sure was sweet! Don't forget your Little Blue treats!" 

For our cupcakes, I made personalized toppers. I took the blue truck and added Happy Birthday, Ethan! underneath. Then I glued it to a toothpick and another piece of paper that said Beep! Beep! Beep!

I also made a German chocolate cake for the party. We added a topper, but somehow failed to get a photo (of course). And because murphy was working against me all weekend, the top layer of my cake split into thirds. It quickly became a two-layer cake.

I really wanted to add food tents to the table, but ran out of time. Here's how it would've sounded: veggie platter (Farm Fresh Veggies), chips, salsa, guacamole (Chicken Feed), fruit platter (Seasonal Fruit), rice krispie treats (Hay Bales), horse PB & J sandwiches (PB & J Horse-Wiches). Originally, the horses were going to be trucks, but the cookie cutter was too big! We had to improvise and the horses actually turned out pretty cute.

Last year, we made a giant 1 using E's pics so this year I made a 2. We started with a photo from his last birthday and ended with one taken a few weeks ago. It's crazy how much he's changed. And technically, he turned 23 months old yesterday not 24. We're moving in the near future and thought it would be better to have his party before the chaos really kicks into high gear. Technically, that means I can still have a stress-free birthday for him this year - ha!

And of course, I didn't get E into his awesome birthday shirt in time for his party. It's white so I was waiting until after lunch to change him, but he fell asleep and woke up super cranky. He refused to change shirts so I let it go. We put him in his shirt the next day for some photos. I'm having some slight computer issues so just ignore the fact that it isn't cropped and we have trash on our living room floor.

Overall, we had a really good time at E's party. And if you're looking for Little Blue inspiration, hopefully this will help get your creative juices flowing!


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  1. Wow you did such a great job! I love the favor ideas. Where did you find the cow glasses? Too cute!