Saturday, March 14, 2015

DIY: 9 Busy Book Ideas for Toddlers

A few months ago, one of the moms in our group had the awesome idea to make a busy book for our toddlers. Much like the busy bag ideas, each person would be responsible for one page of the book and then replicate it several times depending on how many people wanted to participate. I had some angst about agreeing to join in the fun because I don't sew. I've mentioned before that I don't own needles or thread or a machine or the skill set and so on and so forth. I went on Pinterest and found a no-sew page that I could create (which actually turned into some sewing, but more on that later). I thought I had done an OK job, but man, the other moms really went above and beyond. Here are the pages in E's book. 

The cover page has E's name embroidered on the front and the stickers are removable so we can practice spelling his name. 

The caterpillar has four body parts that are all removable. The snaps are actually different sizes so it helps with memory and problem-solving. 

This crazy monster has eaten lots of shapes! And the zipper helps with those fine motor skills.

This stitched fish is crazy cute. E loves to feel the different textures and bumps. 

This elephant is balancing all the colors of the rainbow. Each one comes off with velcro to keep little fingers busy.

This stoplight is supposed to help with fine motor skills as kids put each circle back on the button. This is the one I contributed. As you can see, not as fancy as the others. AND I had to sew. What the what. I decided to use buttons instead of snaps. Also, I had to google how to sew on a button the "right way," which is just sad. I'm hoping it's a sleeper hit even though it doesn't look like much. At least E enjoys it!

The back page has a chalkboard sewn in and two pieces of chalk in a little pouch. 

This is the page I made yesterday to help redeem myself (if I keep saying I'm crafty enough times, I think it becomes true, right?). If we do another exchange, I'll probably recreate this one. It's a purse that opens to reveal a mirror, keys and a cell phone. And I'm sure some people will be all, why did you make a purse, he's a boy! To which I say, E loves digging through my purse. In fact, I probably should've made a felt snack because that's usually what he's looking for.

One of the other moms has also started making additional pages for her son's book. Check out Mr. Potato Head and all of his accessories. So cool, right?

All of the moms did such an awesome job with their pages and I know this book is going to come in handy. I've let E look at it briefly, but I'm really saving it for things like long car trips, visits to the ER (which happen more often than I'd like) and pretty much anywhere we have to wait and need to be quiet. And on the plus side, they're relatively inexpensive to make since they're primarily made of felt!

Anyone else have a busy book idea they'd like to share?


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