Friday, April 24, 2015

Stitch Fix #11 - One more before the move

As it turns out, my Stitch Fix was scheduled to arrive the same day as our moving truck. You may be thinking that's poor timing, but really, it was perfect. Kind of like a reward for a job well done ("you didn't actually load the truck yourself" - you, "you've never actually moved have you?" - me). 

My stylist did an awesome job of taking my requests into consideration when she picked out my five items this month. Here's what she sent me:

First up, this super cute dress. A little background on this one. So each month Stitch Fix sends you styling cards that match your box items so you can see two different ways to incorporate the piece into your wardrobe. Last month, she sent me a green jacket and on the styling card it was draped over an awesome striped dress, which of course I asked for in my next box. Sadly, that dress wasn't available this time around. However, she sent this dress in its place and I LOVE it. It fits perfectly, it's got a classic appeal to it and it has pockets. Pockets! It's also a nice weight and should last a long time. The only downside is that it's on the expensive side, which makes me hesitate. For what it's worth, Nate told me to get it. 

I also requested another maxi dress in different color. I really like the pattern on this one and I liked the black strap across the back. Even better, you could wear a regular bra with it (I hate messing with different straps). The only downside is that that pattern didn't match up at the seams. So when you look at it from the side, the pattern is off.  Womp womp. Any Project Runway watcher will tell you that's a no-go.

This tank is much cuter on me than it is on the hanger. And if you're nursing, it's the perfect addition to your closet. I'm on the fence with this one as well. It's reasonably priced, but if I get the expensive dress I'm not sure I could justify getting this one as well. And again, Nate told me to get it. My husband spoils me.

This blouse was cute, but not really my style. It kind of had a billowy effect to it. It's also on the shorter side which could be problematic with my long torso. 

I also asked her to send a pair of Bermuda shorts. Don't hate. I love Bermuda shorts for two reasons. Number one - I'm too old to wear short shorts, but too young to wear grandma shorts. And number two, my pale legs never tan (but my arms do because of course my body wants to resemble a yin-yang sign as opposed to the ladies in the tanning commercials) and this helps protect them from the sun. Skin cancer is real, folks. Lather up or cover up. Or do both. Yeah, let's go with do both. Sadly, these shorts weren't very flattering. They fit well, but the color didn't work for me. 

At this point, I'm really leaning toward the striped dress and maybe the blue tank. Maybe. Nate gave me the go-ahead, but spending that much money on clothes is tough for me. I need to give this some more thought. I mean, I did handle most of the move this week. Surely that's enough bonus points for the dress, right? 

Thoughts on this box????


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