Monday, May 18, 2015

Moving Recap

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles
We move every two to three years for my husband's job. There are lots of benefits to moving - you get rid of things you no longer use, you find things you thought you'd lost and it's an opportunity to get organized. But more than anything, it's a hassle. A legitimate pain in the ass. A giant pile of  - you get the picture.

I was doing the math and this is my 8th move in 9 years. Now, part of those moves were while I was an intern so some of my items were in storage. And to be fair, moving by yourself is much easier than moving as a family of four (including Layla). Now that we've moved with E, I have a lot more respect for my parents (also military) who moved frequently with not one, but three children and one to two pets depending on the year.

We were truly blessed this time around because E did great in the car. He slept, he snacked, he played with the iPad and he was - for the most part - a real peach. I was so proud of him because two days in the car isn't fun for anyone. We actually left around 4-5 in the morning so that he'd sleep longer in the car. If you're taking a long road trip with a toddler, this would be my recommendation. Of course, once we got to the hotel the kid was crazy. He was all over the room, placing phone calls (yeah, that got unplugged real quick), wanting to ride on the elevator, wanting to get ice, jumping on the bed, jumping on us - that's where the real trial of my patience came in. Thankfully there were two of us and only one of him. What do you do when your kids outnumber you? I think I would curl up in the corner and weep. Hats off to those with more than one kiddo during a trip. Hats. Off. 

It only took us a day to find a rental house - mainly because most of the ones that fit into our budget/criteria weren't places we wanted to live. We're not overly picky, but we also tend to stay away from giant red walls and outdated appliances. Oh and if it's filthy, I can't get on board. And you'd be amazed at the number of rental properties we saw that were dirty. Not dusty, but straight up dirty.

Which isn't to say that our house is spotless. Just ask the movers. Every time a piece of furniture was lifted, there was a mound of crap underneath it. Dust, toys, goldfish crackers, puzzle pieces. I think there were six books under the couch. And a living spider (much to his dismay, he didn't live much longer). So if I'm saying the house is really dirty, it IS really dirty. And I hate cleaning on both sides of the move. I want to move into a fresh, clean place and not have to worry about cleaning the baseboards or the mini blinds. I already did that once. Twice in a one week? No, thank you.

So of course, the place we chose required some additional cleaning. Always, right? To the property company's credit, they did send a cleaning crew over to do a touch up job before we moved in. And then they sent them out again when I complained that one of them literally left a pile of crap in our toilet. Let me say that one more time. One of them left a giant pile of POOP in our toilet. Sigh. And since that's the stance they took on cleaning our house, I had to re-clean everything. Because, obviously. I'm not even finished yet.

On the bright side, our household goods got here the day after we moved into our place so we only had one night on the air mattress. On the down side, it meant more cleaning for me. I'm starting to think I may have a problem. Like, I know some people unpack their dishes and put them away as is, but I can't do it. What if the person who packed those dishes used the bathroom and didn't wash their hands? What if they sneezed on my plates? And the ultimate no-go, what if they touched their cell phone? ACK - have you seen how dirty cell phones are? You may as well lick the urinal in a public restroom.

Right so, our dishwasher basically runs all day, every day for about 48 hours. See: modern appliance requirement above.

But for the most part, everything is done. We're still putting things up on the walls and the office needs some work, but we're entering what I'd consider a livable condition. I no longer classify us as "moving." I do need to work on the baseboards and the blinds (I don't think even a magic eraser is going to be able to save them) or maybe just buying some curtains to hide the blinds...

And since Nate still has some time off, we're going to spend some time exploring the mountains, fishing and traveling to nearby tourist attractions. That last one is all me - who doesn't want to see where more than 300 movies and television shows were filmed? ("Um, not me" - you, "Are we breaking up?" - me).


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