Friday, June 19, 2015

Stitch Fix #13: Shrug

This time around I didn't ask for anything specific so when I opened my Stitch Fix I had my fingers crossed for everyday casual items. Lucky for me, my stylist sent all casual pieces that I could wear this summer. Sadly, I only decided to keep one. Here's what she sent me:

This is the one I decided to keep. Yes, it's a t-shirt, but if feels like an expensive t-shirt. And really, that makes all the difference, doesn't it?

I liked the pattern on this maxi dress, but it wasn't very flattering on me. Something about that floppy area right at the waist just doesn't do me any favors. 

This was a disappointment. This is a navy t-shirt that I could find anywhere. There's no reason it should've been in the box. Also, the seam down the front looked ridiculous when I put it on.

The colors didn't work with my skin tone. I don't think I need to elaborate anymore with that one...

I loved the way this maxi skirt felt against my skin. Seriously, it almost felt like silk (and it's definitely not silk). I didn't even mind the pattern (Nate thought it looked like a peacock). But when I was walking around the living room (modeling, of course) Nate said he could see through the material. That's an automatic no-go. 

So this time I ended up with just the one piece. I had such high expectations after the last box, too! I'm going to chalk this up to unlucky 13 and hope that box 14 is much better. You never know, that could be the box that makes me want to keep all of the clothes! Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Part of the fun is not knowing what's coming in the mail each month. Give it a go by clicking my link here: Stitch Fix.


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