Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #14 & Important LikeTwice Update

Sadly, box 14 wasn't much better than box 13. And the note my stylist sent me made me have second thoughts about our fashion relationship. I don't think she gets my sense of style (whatever that may be) and it may be time to call it quits.

Here's what she sent me:

Sometimes I look at a piece and think it'll look cuter when I put it on. It didn't. I can't pull off ruffles down the front of my chest. 

I asked for a t-shirt with a similar cut to the striped one I bought last time around and this is what my stylist sent. I like the extra detail on the sleeves, but the shirt was too big. And not in a trendy oversized way, but more of a I can't find clothes to fit me so I settled kind of way.

This black lace blouse was by far my favorite. It has a camisole underneath and the detailing looks great. I loved the way it fit and see myself wearing it with slacks or even dark jeans. Interestingly enough, this is the one piece my stylist didn't talk about in her note to me this month. And it's the only one I decided to keep. Of course, there was some drama with it. There was a rip under the arm, but customer service was great and has already sent out a replacement blouse. 

These black shorts were a bit snug (sigh), but I loved the length and the quality was excellent.

Not. A. Fan. My stylist said I would love this print, but I don't...

I'm not sure if the shiny has worn off and I need to quit SF altogether or if I need a new stylist. Truthfully, I love getting a fun box every month and I'm beyond happy with all of the pieces that I've kept so far. My wardrobe definitely thanks them. Which makes me think maybe I should try out a new stylist instead. It could be that she's tired of trying to make me happy ("it does seem impossible" - you, "It is what it is" - me) and in her defense, I think their inventory has been on the low side as far as options go. Anyone have a stylist they'd be willing to share?

In other news, Like Twice is being sold! This is the same site I've been recommending for months for selling your gently used clothes. The owners are being bought out by eBay, which let's be honest, is probably a dream come true. The golden ticket, if you will. On the downside, they're kind of slapping their loyal followers in the face with an extremely short turnaround time. They're transitioning to eBay at the end of the month and your store credit will no longer be valid. What the what. So if you've sold clothes to them and have store credit lying around, go spend it now. They're offering an extra 30% off (FINAL30 at checkout) and they've lowered a lot of their prices to clear their shelves. My understanding is that they won't be adding anything new so get in there now before it's all picked over. Also, heads up, it took me about three hours to go through the site yesterday because they're being hit with so much traffic. 

On that note, have a wonderful Tuesday!


PS - If you're interested in trying out Stitch Fix, please sign up using my link here.

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